Toll Rates

Axle-based tolling is used to determine the toll. This means the toll you pay is based on the number of axles on your vehicle and if the vehicle has dual rear wheels or equivalent. A complete list of fees based on the axle based system is included below:

Vehicle TypeMACPASSCash
Automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles$0.80$1.00
when towing a single axle trailer$1.07$1.25
when towing a double axle trailer$1.33$1.75
when towing a triaxle trailer$1.60$2.00
Buses with seating capacity of 16+$1.20$2.50
Access-A-Bus Vehicles$0.60$0.75
The following classifications are for vehicles with dual tires detected on any one axle based for the following:


2 axles$2.33$2.75
3 axles$3.49$4.00
4 axles$4.66$5.25
5 axles$5.82$6.75
6 axles$6.98$8.00
7 axles$8.15$9.25
8 axles$9.31$10.75
User Guide

User Guide

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My MACPASS Account

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October 30, 2018 marks the 20th anniversary for MACPASS. read more.