How to install

Instructions for proper installation and a mounting template are provided with your transponder. It is important that you follow these mounting instructions. If you do not have your MACPASS Installation Template, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Use the alcohol pad enclosed with your MACPASS to clean the area of the windshield where the MACPASS will be mounted. If you do not have the alcohol pad, you can use standard rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to clean the area.

Step 2: Peel off the paper from the back of the Velcro tab on your MACPASS.

Step 3: Position your MACPASS on the inside of the windshield, behind the mirror. It is best to mount your MACPASS Transponder in the centre of the windshield where the rearview mirror hides it from view.

The MACPASS transponder must be mounted at least one inch in from the edge of the windshield and two inches from the antenna of a remote car starter. See diagram below.


For commercial vehicles (windshield is split in the middle), place your MACPASS transponder to the right of the split in the lower middle of the windshield. See diagram below.

If you have a MACPASS transponder and a transponder from another toll agency on your windshield this may interfere with the ability to read the MACPASS transponder. You can register one transponder for use on all toll facilities in the Maritime provinces. A separate account is required for each agency.

The most common reason a MACPASS transponder may fall from the windshield is because the Velcro tabs become loose. You can receive new tabs at no charge at any open toll booth or by visiting the MACPASS customer service centre.

User Guide

User Guide

MACPASS is the electronic tolling system for Halifax Harbour Bridges. Download the guide >

My MACPASS Account

My MACPASS Account

Access information on your Account, Vehicle, Transponder, Payment and Statement. Access my account >

Activate your MACPASS

Activate your MACPASS

If you are new to MACPASS, the way in which you obtained your first MACPASS will determine the best way to activate it. Activate your MACPASS >


October 30, 2018 marks the 20th anniversary for MACPASS. read more.